Demos - terrytaylorbonn/auxdrone GitHub Wiki

The following are a few demos/samples for of some of the things I got running.

6 X2 Total sim PX4 Matlab UAV toolbox 24.0222. My test on Windows (the Microsoft sim on right only works in windows; half of the examples are Win11, other half Ubuntu 20.04). Various bugs, a bit chaotic.

5 X1 Core simulation (24.0219). PX4 is impressive. I was able to get the basics (simulation, flight waypoints) up and running within a day. When I started exploring drones, all that I read said that Ardupilot was easier to use than PX4. Wrong. Granted, I learned a lot of basics during the 2 months I spent with Ardupilot, but my initial impression is that PX4 is much better of a choice. I still need to work with PX4 more.

4 Part 1 (A) Total simulation (Feb 2024). I got my start with drones by doing a big start-to-finish youtube series from Intelligent Quads in Dec 2023 (was the only start-to-finish step-by-step demo I could find). I went through the whole series again Feb 9-12, 2024. There are 4 docx files, for details see wiki pages P1 core, P2 ROS node mission, AP3a AI Yolo object recognition, AP3b Lidar object avoidance, P4 swarms.

3 Partial sim + real CC/cam (no Gaz) (B1.2_ubuntu_haar_pymavlink_v26_24.0213.docx) (Jan 2024). I repeated the first half of the original demo, but this time used a real companion computer (CC) and camera. I used Haarcascades for object recognition (AI). Search for chapter "24.0131-3 Run mission".

2 Partial sim + real CC/cam + Gaz (B1.2_ubuntu_haar_pymavlink_v26_24.0213.docx) (Feb 2024). I repeated the simulation with the CC/camera but this time added Gazebo (world sim tool). Search for section "4 Load and run mission (CC/AI_script control) (MP not required)".

1 Gesture control (B1.3_ubuntu_mediapipe_pymavlink_.docx) (6 Feb 2024). Uses mediapipe AI to recognize hand gestures (open, closed right hand) to control the simulated copter flight. In this example holding up an open right hand (in front of usb camera) causes the sim copter to pause the mission (the CC could then take over control). A close right hand (fist) continues the mission.