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Time: 13:30 - 14:45 Place: Online

Coordination: Arnaud Poncet-Montanges (Technical Group Secretary) (APM)


  • Urs Kaufmann (Holinger Thun) (UK), Stefan Burckhardt, Lukas Wiss (geowerkstatt), Sandro Gassmann (geopoint lütolf AG) (SG), Timothée Produit (Alpnetsystem SA (ig-group)) (TP)

Excused: Jean-Pierre Dupuy (Morges) (JD), Saeid Rezvani (Sutter Ingenieur- und Planungsbüro AG)(SR)



Technical discussion

  • Presentation of the project : Outils et processus d’installation, de gestion et de mise à jour des modules TEKSI by T. Produit (IG Group SA)
  • Decisions: Test- and demonstration data should be made available for developments: VSA Transferdatensatz 2020.1 for TWW, big dataset (keep A. in the backhand, use members data for tests by members, but not make public), UK asks his community if it could be used (part) and transformed to another location as demo data.
  • Decisions: TIT should support TWW (VSA-DSS 2020.1, SIA405 Abwasser 2020.1, VSA-KEK 2020), TDH (SIA405 Fernwärme) and SIA405 Fernwirkkabel and Schutzrohr for both modules. This needs Schutzrohr as class definition available beforehand.
  • Update on release 2024.0 (A. Poncet)

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