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WARNING: This machine uses toxic substances, please follow the handling procedure below for your safety and others.

The Elegoo Mars 2 Pro printer is a resin printer, sponsored for the Makerspace by Elegoo Marketing Dept.

Resin 3D printing uses a tank (shallow dish) of liquid resin. The build platform starts suspended in the resin, an LCD screen below the tank shades each layer to be printed from a UB light below that. The object is build upside down, with the build plate rising for each successive layer. Once printed, the object is not yet finished, it is still soft and dripping with uncured resin.

Resin handling

Gloves! When handling objects that contain or are covered in uncured resin, wear a pair of nitrile gloves (provided in large, or BYO). If you have low dexerity or think you are likely to splash, also wear saftey glasses and/or an apron (not provided).

Items that are likely to have uncured resin on them:

Please not NOT get resin on the following items:

Spills or skin/eye contact

Delicate parts

General printing procedure

This is a low-detailed procedure description for future reference, longer descriptions of each step follow.

  1. Slice: Prepare your model for printing, slicing can be done using eithe Lychee or ChituBox slicers, the output must be a .ctb file.
  2. USB Stick: Transfer the .ctb file onto a/the (should be one available) USB stick and insert it into the front of the printer.
  3. Cover: Remove the printer cover
  4. Plan for spills: Ready a cloth or paper towels for wiping up spillage
  5. Gloves: Put on gloves for handling the platform and tank
  6. Build platform: Check build platform is clean (metal scraper), raised way above tank and secured.
  7. Tank: Inspect visually or use the plastic scraper to carefully scrape the bottom of the tank, if it catches on old resin, clean the whole thing.
  8. Resin: Remove one glove for picking up the bottle, pour resin into the tank, do not overfill.
  9. Wipe: Clean the edge of the bottle if necessary, replace it in the big tray.
  10. Gloves: Remove, disgard or turn inside out for later if still dry.
  11. Cover: Replace the machine cover.
  12. Print: Start the print.
  13. Prepare: Ensure the build platform box has water and is open, open both of the cleaning containers. Ensure you have the metal scraper in reach and the decanting tray is clear. Open the sonic cleaner and put water in it. Check the curing platform is clean.
  14. Gloves: Put on gloves for handling build platform and uncured print.
  15. Cover: Remove cover with dry gloves.
  16. Wait: Allow the print to finish dripping still inside the machine.
  17. Platform: Undock the platform, hold it over the resin tank for further dripping at various angles.
  18. Tray: Use the metal scraper to remove the printed object onto the decanting tray.
  19. Build platform: Place the platform in its cleaning box.
  20. Wash: Dunk/swish the printed object in the 1st cleaning container.
  21. Wash: Put the object into the 2nd cleaning container.
  22. Gloves: Remove one glove.
  23. Sonic: Close the container, insert into the sonic cleaner and turn it on, rotate/rerun as necessary.
  24. Supports: Use the clippers to remove supports (careful, part still soft!).
  25. Cure: Put the part into the curing station and turn it on.
  26. Resin tank: Prepare filter over resin bottle, pour resin from tank back into bottle. FIXME: check this!
  27. Resin tank: (If last to print today): Wash whole tank with water, use plastic scraper to clean, return tank to printer.
  28. Build platform: Swish around in its cleaning box, remove remaining print/supports, dry with paper towels, return to printer.
  29. Gloves: Can now remove both gloves.

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