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Troubleshooting and FAQ

What is Nefertiti?

Nefertiti is a command line trading bot that follows a simple but proven strategy: buy the dip, then sell those trades as soon as possible, preferably on the same day. For a deeper explanation of how Nefertiti works, check out the Stategies.

What are the system requirements?

Nefertiti is available for macOS, Windows (both 32 and 64-bit), and Linux (both ARM and 64-bit). Nefertiti is also compatible with Raspberry Pi and a few other embedded systems. Please see the latest release.

Blank screen flashes when opening

Nefertiti is a command line application. Please see Getting Started for more info.

Pushover: invalid recipient

You will need to install the Pushover app on at least 1 device (in other words: you will need to register at least 1 device with Pushover).

Binance Error -1021 - Timestamp is outside of recvWindow

You need to sync the time of your device, preferably with a NTP server. Binance is super sensitive about time.

Binance Error -2010 - Insufficient balance

When trading on Binance, please have BNB in your wallet and then pay your fees in BNB.

Can I pass API key(s) on the command line?

Yes you can:


But a word of warning. Using this technique, your API key(s) do end up in your Terminal session history. That is why we do not recommend doing this.

What if I want to hodl (not sell) certain coins?

No problem, this bot doesn’t necessarily sell all your trades. If you want it to buy the dip and hodl those coins, then the bot can do that for you.
Please refer to the argument named --hold, for example: --hold=BTC-EUR. Note that the bot will always sell a minimum quantity of your coins, even if you instruct the bot to hodl them. This comes with the trading strategy, and is not a bug.



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