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In a lot of IT/Software Engineering educations, students will follow a course all about Design Patterns and how they can be implemented.

PatternPal has been developed to ease students into learning about Design Patterns. For this purpose, the extension contains multiple modes. The Step-By-Step mode will guide the student through implementing a specific design pattern while giving feedback on their implementation. The detector mode will analyse a specific document or project and show a list of all design patterns that have been detected, including hints on how to improve their implementation of the pattern.

In this document, technical specifications and design choices are described.

The technical documentation has been divided into five parts:


The extension can currently only analyse C# code. To get a better view of the domain, a domain model is provided below.


Important objects in the domain are the 'Class/Interface' and the 'Design Pattern' fields. Different elements will be explained in a later chapter.