Creating config.json - stationaryStation/StationBot Wiki

What the **** is this file?

Config.json is the configuration file for the bot. This is necessary because without that, the bot can't run. So therefore we need to create Config.json ourselves because it contains personal data that is private to you and you only.

Setting Up (Requisites)

Getting the Token

To get the token, go to and create a new application with the name you want (The application name doesn't matter).

Then go to the tab that says bots and select the "Add Bot" Button. After that, click the copy button on the token part of the page.

Making config.json

Asuming that you copied the code and pasted it somewhere safe. Copy the following "code" (It's like code but easier.)

"BOT_TOKEN": "paste your bot token here",
"stable": true,
"prefix": "st:",
"botVer": "1.2.52",

Now save the file as config.json (It's case sensitive!) and move the file to the StationBot folder you created in setup.

(It needs to be at the root folder, not in any additional folders.)


BOT_TOKEN = Your token you got from

stable = Disables some features proven as unstable. (Used for RPC)

prefix = Your custom Prefix

branchNext = Enables\disables experimental features (Unused)

botVer = Current Bot Version (Working on automatic Versioning)