Lab 4.3 - squatchulator/cummings-tech-journal Wiki

Lab 4-3: Simple 2-Network Packet Tracer Lab

In this lab, we connected 2 simple networks to a router and configured them for communication between end devices.

Use of "Simulation Mode"

  • Simulation Mode allows each step of the network communications processes to be viewed and executed individually (one at a time). Also captures packets and internet activity on observed networks, with the functionality of filtering/selecting which protocols you'd like to see.

How to save configurations on routers

  • To save the configuration of a router in Packet Tracer, click the router, click 'config', 'settings', and then under the NVRAM field select 'save'.

Packet Tracer Tips/Tricks

  • Configure one network at a time if you can, just to ensure that connections are completed properly and that each section of the network works well.
  • Document what connections are made to what interfaces