Lab 4.2 - squatchulator/cummings-tech-journal Wiki

Lab 4-2: Simple Routing Lab

The focus of this lab was to locate and observe layer 2 headers for packet traffic on a multilayer switch network.

How do you set the gateway address on a workstation in Packet Tracer?

  • To set the gateway address, you click the workstation you'd like to edit, click the 'config' tab in the pop-up that appears, and edit the field that is labeled "default gateway".

How do you set the IP and subnet mask on different interfaces of a multilayer switch?

  • Click the multilayer switch, select the 'config' tab, and choose which interface under 'interfaces' you'd like to edit. Choose the interface, and then fill out the IP and subnet mask fields that appear for the specific workstation.

How do you enter simulation mode in Packet Tracer?

  • Simulation Mode can be entered by clicking the 'simulation' button in the bottom-right of the screen.

How do you set which types of packets you want to see in Simulation Mode?

  • Types of packets can be filtered in Simulation Mode by clicking the 'Edit Filters' button and selecting the protocols you'd like to see.