Repository Usage - siouxfallsaa/website-template Wiki

This repository is meant to be a stable base that can be forked and modified to easily deploy and maintain a new AA-focused website, hosted on Github infrastructure.

New Site

Follow these steps to build your own regional AA website.

  1. Register a domain name
  2. Log in to Github
  3. (recommended) Create a new free organization
  4. Fork this repository, give it a meaningful name (such as your domain)
  5. Go to the "Actions" tab in your repository and enable
  6. Create a CNAME record (www) in DNS pointing to <username|project> This will be the "owner" of the repository. See Github Pages
  7. Copy example-config.yaml to config.yaml and update as appropriate (see sfaa for live example)
  8. Copy content/ to content/ and update as appropriate
  9. Update static/CNAME with your domain
  10. Update local meeting information in data/meetings.yaml
  11. Wait for a successful build and deploy of your website
  12. Your-Fork > Settings > Pages > Source: Branch[gh-pages]
  13. Wait for DNS to propogate and verify your website is running.
  14. Add https://yourdomain.tld/meeting-list.json to the Meeting Guide database
  15. Introduce the website to your local groups!

Dev Notes

  • Submodules: git submodule update --init --recursive
    pushd themes/aamod; git checkout origin/master; popd

Sync Updates

The aamod repository is meant to hold the complex logic for page display. The website-template repository various websites are meant to be based on will periodically synchronize this as a git submodule. This allows website-template updates to focus on usage and will aim to be relatively unchanging.

When website-template is updated, a message will be displayed on forked project pages showing a commit behind siouxfallsaa:master.

Changes Pending

After reviewing what has changed, click Sync fork and then Update branch. This will automatically pull in changes and build the updated website.

Update Branch

DO NOT CLICK "Discard _ commits"!!! This will delete your local changes to the point of your last merge commit. (github ref)