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Status of the manual pages


At the moment, as of mid-July 2021, the German translation work is done, and we will start the EN part. If you want to help, please talk to us at the IRC on oftc (irc.oftc.net #siduction or #siduction-de) before diving in!

RC Definition


The special CSS code for the warnings, code and span areas is not available on github. The test of the layout should therefore be done locally on your own PC with the settings described in the readme.

Updated: 2021/26/08

If a file is being edited, please enter the NIC.

filename DE RC1 RC2 RC3 working on
0000-welcome_en.md RC1 hhl
0001-credit_en.md RC3
0003-help_en.md RC3
0100-wel-quickstart_en.md RC3
0200-isos_en.md RC3
0201-cd-content_en.md RC3
0202-live-mode_en.md RC3
0204-cheatcodes_en.md RC3
0206-cd-dl-burning_en.md RC3
0207-cd-no-gui-burn_en.md RC3
0300-install_en.md RC3
0301-hd-install_en.md RC3
0302-hd-ins-fromiso_en.md RC3
0303-hd-ins-opts-oos_en.md RC3
0310-part-size-examp_en.md RC3
0311-part-uuid_en.md RC3
0312-part-gparted_en.md RC3
0313-part-gdisk_en.md RC3
0314-part-cfdisk_en.md RC3
0315-part-lvm_en.md RC3
0316-home-move_en.md RC3
0500-network_en.md RC3
0501-inet-nm-cli_en.md RC2 davydych
0502-inet-iwd_en.md RC2 davydych
0510-samba_en.md RC2
0513-ssh_en.md RC2
0520-lamp-start_en.md RC2
0521-lamp-apache_en.md RC2
0522-lamp-sql_en.md RC2
0523-lamp-php_en.md RC2
0600-gpu_en.md RC2
0700-sys-admin_en.md RC3
0701-term-konsole_en.md RC2
0702-sys-admin-gen_en.md RC2
0705-sys-admin-apt_en.md RC2
0706-sys-admin-apt-localmirr_en.md RC2
0707-sys-admin-kern-upg_en.md RC2
0710-systemd-start_en.md RC2
0711-systemd-unit-datei_en.md RC2
0712-systemd-service_en.md RC2
0713-systemd-mount_en.md RC2
0714-systemd-target_en.md RC2
0715-systemd-path_en.md RC2
0716-systemd-timer_en.md RC2
0717-systemd-journald_en.md RC2