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Welcome to the sidu-manual wiki!

We have the branch "WIP". Please work on the manual only in it.
If you prefer to work online, use the list of pages to work on and click on a file.

We need someone who can translate this document!

Notes for authors

of the MarkDown documents within the siduction manual.

I followed the GitHub Flavored Markdown Spec and tested the result with the Markdown Viewer Webext plugin for Firefox. The settings used are in the file /development/css_FF_Plugin_Markdown-Viewer-Webext.
The plugin settings are:
markdown "github"
code style "default"

File names

The file names of the new manual start with a four-digit number followed by a hyphen.
The first two digits assign the file to the main group, e.g. "03XX-" for the main group "Installation".
Digits three and four rank the file within the main group.
Gaps in the sequence of digits are harmless for the generation of the .html files and the PDF and are useful for files that may be added in the future.

Files with the same name without a preceding four-digit number are used to improve and update previously published chapters.
Other files without a preceding four-digit number are for chapters that will be added to the manual in the future.

Overview MD code


Every .md file needs a title in the first line in the notation % My Title. The text of the title may be different from the first title used in the document. It is necessary for the creation of the .html files and will be displayed in the title line or tab in the web browser.


Link to headings

If you want to link to manual internal pages, **the link always has to contain an anchor (#name-of-heading).

Highlighted text

No parsing by MarkDown takes place within these areas. The additional text markups *, **, ` and ~~ have no effect on the text and are represented literal, just like coded characters &gth;.

    * Text


      * Text



For particularly important notes, quote the lines: "> "
This creates a quote (an indent with a gray vertical bar and grayed-out font) in MD, and a color-coded block element with padding in PDF and .html documents.

Footer in the new files

The last line of the .md files contains the editing note in HTML notation:

<div id="rev">Last edited: 2021-05-04</div>

It is right-aligned, scaled down and grayed out in .md files (local in FF only) and .html files.

Tables, lists , link, other.

Everything else follows GitHub Flavored Markdown Spec, but with one exception.
Do not use horizontal lines.

As of 2021-08-13, Author: akli