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Description and Operation

The application runs as a simple command line app, although this will become more sophisticated in the future. The app takes a number of parameters which include the plan information which is to be laid out on a slide, and configuration information which drives visual properties such as whether the plotted elements have rounded corners etc.

The output of the app is a new slide deck, which is a copy of the input template deck, within which the first slide is updated to include the visual elements generated by the app. This allows non-generated elements to be included within the template and so included every time the app is run.


The inputs to the app are:


The output of the app is a new slide in the slide deck supplied which contains the visual. See image below for an example of what this may look like.

(Visual To Be Added)

How It Works

A plan comprises a set of activities, usually in some sort of hierarchy. The traditional way of visualising a plan is on a GANTT Chart....