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Assembling the FLIR Cameras


Quantity Description
2 FLIR Blackfly S USB
2 FLIR Blackfly Tripod Mount
2 50mm Lens C Mount
6 Extension Tubes
1 Longpass Filter


  1. Small philips head screwdriver
  2. Box cutter or other knife
  3. (Optional) 3D printed cutting guide (.stl link)


  1. Replace the FLIR glass cover with a lowpass filter. Note that this proceedure is technically optional, but highly recommended. Without a lowpass filter we have seen cross-talk between eye traces and projection monitor, so proceed at your own risk.

    1. Cut the plastic lowpass filter into 2 15 x 15 mm squares using the cutting guide your blade as you first score, then snap the plastic filter
    1. Using a small Philips-head screwdriver, remove the front cover from a FLIR camera making sure not to lose the screws. It is recommended to wear a mask and gloves to avoid getting dust particles on the exposed sensor.
    1. Pry free the glass cover slip, and replace it with the square plastic filter.
    1. Reattach the front cover.
  2. Screw on 2 extension tubes and a 50mm lens to the front of the camera

  1. Attach the FLIR Tripod adapter to the bottom of the camera using the black screws
  1. Repeat these steps for the other camera

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