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RoA Room Tour Nights to-do


  1. Fill up remaining hosting and assistant slots.
  2. Fill up Backup Hosts.
  3. Fill up Director slots.

Spreadsheet Schedule

  1. Automate Screenshots: (2AM Eastern) Show Extra Time Zones -> Take Screenshot on VPS -> Save to same URL -> (4AM) Update Thread Image
  2. Time machine filter for Upcoming Night's Tiers.
  3. Add total counts (before the names) and individual counts in brackets after names in pool feature.
  4. Add total count (before the names) and individual counts in brackets after names in right hand filter.
  5. Add Host Signups OP generator.
  6. Add Host Signups Log.

Spreadsheet Chronology

  1. Display multiple URLs for Replays (tooltip).
  2. Correct Replay check to look for "https://". Check for "replay" instead of "play", also. And digit count check.
  3. Retrospectively add PS! Aliases in brackets. (before #38)
  4. Retrospectively add Sizes (before Week 134)
  5. Macros incorporated in the spreadsheet interface.
  6. Way to disable add row button?
  7. Fix empty links in posts.
  8. Lock/Unlock toggle to secure data.
  9. Add Steps to chronology sheet error checker.
  10. DST adjustment for setting dates.
  11. Start Time, End Time, Runners-up, Monitor Check Columns?
  12. Correct number of line breaks in posts.
  13. Auto-add Chronology rows 15 minutes before if not already done.
  14. Force OU in Asian and Pan-Am Nights and varying tiers between last week and the other time slots.
  15. Add check that tour night summary posts follow each other (are more than 1 number apart, usually chronological).
  16. Add check that the event numbers, week numbers, tour night numbers follow each other and are unique.
  17. Sprites Toggle column - automatically link to directories, players enter 2 pokemon in each of the existing columns.
  1. Repair Sprite URLs (Season 2 onwards)
  2. Make sure every replay URL appears on hover.
  3. Check to stop Size of 2 going through.

Spreadsheet Standings

  1. All Standings: Filter standings by time periods?
  2. All Standings: Update standings check when not sorted.
  3. All Standings: Mean Size, Size Graphs.
  4. All Standings: Auto-correct case in standings.
  5. All Standings: Prevent Date Errors when an entry is empty.
  6. All Standings: Final 5 ranks -- Indigo background -- Master (pink), Magna (white), Sacred (gold), Omega (green), Infinite (blue).
  7. Winner Standings: List tournaments won?
  8. Host Standings: Add current rank symbol to host standings (to use with filter).
  9. Tiers Standings: Prevent brackets in tier standings.

Spreadsheet Aliases

  1. Fix alias ranges.
  2. Specify alias with double bracket check.
  3. Improve alias/case check by listing the specific alias at fault and missing row check by pinpointing missing gen (s).
  4. Expansion: Unlisted aliases (list double bracketed ones), tier aliases (check sunday spotlights).
  5. Treat names with spaces as the same name (PS Aliases)?
  6. Deal with Shared Aliases.

Spreadsheet Other

  1. Cases: Correct 'false' uppercase/lowercase to read "false" instead of it being converted to 0.
  2. Banlist: Notes Column - fill in.
  3. Banlist: @etour addrule | tour rules toggle.
  4. Changes: Fill in a lot more examples and link posts as proof.
  5. Config sheet: importing/exporting, changing colors, setting schedules.


  1. PS! News
  2. PS Suggestions related to tournaments / notifications: tournament results log.
  3. Bot: Tours cooldown in anticipation of a night
  4. Bot: Prevention of hosting outside of hours (warning).
  5. Bot: Display of tour night schedule.
  6. Bot: Automated notifications.
    • tour_night channel: send messages when a spreadsheet row is automatically added and alert host/assistant.
    • tour_night channel: otherwise, if already added, send a message of who added the row.
    • old_gens channel: send messages as the host on discord and PS.
  7. Bot: Automated starts.