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This page is a work in progress - PDK (23/09)

The Matek F411 WTE is an F411 based FC that runs on 2S to 6S. It is a wing type FC usually used for fixed wing aircraft. It has 2 motor outputs designed for individual external ESC's labeled S1 and S2. This controller has 2 onboard BEC's for onboard power as well as a select-able 5-6V 5A for powering the servos. This makes it ideal for 250 to 450 sized helicopters.


Receiver wiring

Matek F411 WTE hardware configuration settings

The F411 WTE does not have a Betaflight target (only iNAV). This means you cannot select a target directly from the flashing dropdown. Instead, please choose the processor STM32F411.

After loading the firmware, reconnect and load the Rotorflight config file (MATEKF411WTE.config) following the restore process Back-up and restore.


Assignment Options

Motorised tail and Servo tail are on different pins. Wire your board with either a tail Servo (S4) or Tail motor.

Matek F411 WTE

Motorized Tail

MatekF411TE(MT).txt File to be confirmed!!!

Servo Tail

MatekF411TE(ST).txt File to be confirmed!!!

Matek F411 WTE Examples

These are pics of Saydals heli with MatekF411WTE

Saydals modified the pin headers to 3 rows and connected the top to the receiver and Logger to make connections more compact.

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