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Table of Content

New Features

All APIs



Logic / Core




Deprecations with 0.19.0

Deprecations with 0.20.0

We will make a major refactoring on core and logic level. Those changes should not affect most Atrium users. It will affect you if you:

Migration steps/pointers will be provided in the release notes as usual.

The following changes are planned:

Breaking Changes

Planned (previously deprecated or announced)


Breaking Changes with 0.19.0

First of all, see deprecation above which will be removed with 0.19.0, some of them are breaking as well

Breaking Changes with 0.20.0

Breaking Changes with 0.21.0

Breaking Changes with 0.22.0

Breaking Changes with 1.0.0

See atrium-roadmap -> Milestone 1.0.0

Migrating deprecated functionality

Use the ReplaceWith in the corresponding @Deprecated annotations.

Please have a look at older release-notes in case you don't migrate from 0.17.0


We would like to thank   Tegonal GmbH (Tegonal GmbH, Bern, Switzerland) for sponsoring the time @robstoll is working on Atrium.

Are you are using Atrium at work?

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