Getting started, help & usage - rly0nheart/octosuite Wiki

Octosuite has been installed succesfully! To launch it, just enter octosuite in your terminal, that should open a session.

Upon launch, Octosuite will attempt to create 3 directories (.logs, output, downloads) if they don't already exist.

  • .logs: is where the logs of each session will be kept.
  • output: is where csv files will be kept.
  • downloads: is where the source code from the source command will be stored.

Termux users (non-rooted) will have to manually create the directories.

Now it's time to start investigating. Octosuite features work with subcommands. The following are basic commands that will get you started.

Basic commands

Command Description
help Help menu
exit Close session
clear Clear screen
about Program info
author Author info

Note: The following are subcommands for the help command. This means that you can use other commands together with help.

The syntax for subcommands is [core command]:[subcommand]


To list all user investigation commands, you use the following command:


Help subcommands

Command Description
csv (coming soon)
org List all organization investigation commands
logs List all logs management commands
repo List all repository investigation commands
user List all user investigation commands
search List all target discovery commands
source (beta) List all source code downloaing commands (for developers)
version List all version management commands

Note: If an invalid command is entered, Octosuite will not print out anything, it will instead return the command prompt.

This will go on as long as invalid commands are being entered.