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Age: 23
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Student
Vehicle Status: Not currently a car owner

Erin loves to surf and she has a group of friends that also love to surf. Erin and her friends are users of Tandem and created a group for their weekend trips up to Tofino. She likes to go up to Tofino most weekends and loves to take friends surfing for their birthdays. Erin owns two surf boards and a couple wet suits. Erin is the best road trip buddy because she always buys snacks for the trip.


Age: 26
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Student
Vehicle Status: Owns a Toyota Rav 4 with a roof rack

Carter loves to be outdoors and loves to try new activities. Carter is always out adventuring on the weekends. Carter recently moved from Vancouver to Vancouver Island. Since he just moved he doesn't know very many people in Victoria and wants to make some new friends. Carter was gifted a surf board from a friend back home who didn't use it anymore. Carter would be happy to drive people places in exchange for a coffee.


Age: 25
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Student
Vehicle Status: Recently bought a Honda CR-V

Cassandra is the captain of her Ultimate Frisbee team that is a part of a local Ultimate Frisbee league. She's excited to drive teammates because she just bought her car but is worried about getting to practice on time and doesn't know the best route to pick up her teammates. As a student Cassandra is concerned about spending money and has noticed the soaring gas prices. This has made her hesitant to offer rides but she is happy to drive if her passengers chip in for gas. Cassandra has used Tandem as a passenger in the past.


Age: 22
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Student
Vehicle Status: Not currently a car owner

Fred recently found out about the Ultimate Frisbee league from his friend Carter. He decides he wants to tryout for Cassandra's team. He's excited to meet new people and make friends through a share love of Ultimate. Fred doesn't own a car a lives on the other side of town from where the tryouts are held. Fred feels bad accepting a ride from Cassandra considering the gas prices and time it takes to pick everyone up. Fred is a compassionate person and cares about treating people fairly. Fred has also used Tandem in the past and has an existing account.


Age: 53
Relationship Status: Married
Occupation: Surf shop owner Vehicle Status: Owns a pickup truck

Steve owns a surf shop up in Tofino. The shop often holds surfing events like meetups and brand events. He wants to be able to get more of the surf community up to the shop to join the events and he heard about Tandem.


MVP Scenario

Erin and Carter met on campus when Erin saw the surfing sticker on Carter's laptop in the Library. They quickly became friends after bonding over their love of outdoor activities. Erin suggested that Carter should join her friends and her that weekend for a surf trip in Tofino. Erin creates a ride on Tandem for the weekend trip. Erin texts Carter a link to join her weekend surfing group on Tandem. Carter follows the link and makes a Tandem account. He then joins the group and becomes the driver for the trip.

User Testing Scenario

Cassandra's Ultimate Frisbee team is holding try outs for new team members and 4 people, including Fred, have signed up. Cassandra has offered to pick up the new players and drive them to tryouts. Cassandra realizes that her group already has 8 people and that if they want to add 4 more people she will have sign up for a premium Tandem group. After paying to expand the group, Cassandra creates a new ride and invites the new players to the group with a shared link. Fred follows the link, logs in to his Tandem account and joins the group and the ride. Fred selects his pickup point as his house. Fred is worried about sending Cassandra money for the ride so he messages her in the chat to as for her e-transfer information. Cassandra replies that the amount generated by Tandem's gas calculator is a fair price that works for her and shares her e-transfer email address.

Beta Scenario

Steve wants to help some of his customers get up to the shop for a surfer's meetup event he's holding this weekend. Steve heard from a friend about Tandem and decides to set up a group for the event. Since Steve is new to Tandem and is the most tech savvy, he follows the tutorials to set the group and to get the sharable link to include on the shop's Facebook page. Erin is a regular at Steve's surf shop and loves to attend his events. She sees on the Facebook group the link to the group for the weekend event. Erin is super excited and sends the link to her weekend surf group in Tandem. The whole group wants to attend the event so they join the group Steve created and plan how they are all going to get to Tofino.

Use Cases

These groups are the target markets and main use cases for the app. The app currently provides basic usage for all groups and our main target market for the MVP and beta is Activity Groups. We plan to implement additional features tailored to each market segment as we continue on with the project.

Activity Groups

The main use cases for this segment are creating a group for the activity group, for example a soccer team, creating a ride in this group, using the pick up point route optimization for knowing who to pick up first and using the gas calculator. These features are also the base usage for all market segments.

Business Owners

The main use case for this segment includes the base usage case and a the multi-car event feature that is coming soon. This market segment would use the app to create private or public group for their business to organize events and rides to the event. An example of this segment is our persona Steve the surf shop owner.


Commuters would use primarily the base usage case as well as public groups to be able to find rides with other commuters that they might not know.

Elderly People

The elderly can use the base usage case with public groups that can connect them with younger people who want to volunteer their time to drive. Future features will include gamification of the app to provide incentive to people for volunteering their time.


Parents would use the base usage case to create private groups with other parents to coordinate getting their kids to and from their activities. A future feature will be the ability to add a dependent child to a user's profile so that rides can be organized on their behalf.


Users wanting to use Tandem for road trips can use the base usage case. Future features such as organized packing lists and more detailed pick up points specifically for road trips will be implemented.