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Thanks to Github's Workflow service, we now build SciTECO on a recent OS X system as part of Continuous Integration. Unfortunately, there is still no full Mac OS testing and packaging. The reasons are as follows:

If you are stuck on Mac OS, I recommend to switch to a developer-friendly free and open source operating system and buy hardware which is not designed to be thrown away after a few years.

If you want to support the SciTECO project and improve its Mac OS support, consider donating hardware or access to a Mac OS cloud. You can also share your experience with running SciTECO on Mac or become a maintainer and be responsible for building and notarizing packages.

Compiling on Mac OS

Anyway, you should be able to build SciTECO from source like on any other UNIX-like system.

Install a few more dependencies using Homebrew:

brew install autoconf automake libtool glib groff

Clone and install SciTECO as usual from Git:

git clone
cd sciteco/
git submodule update --init
autoreconf -i
make check
make install

If SciTECO is working normally, please let everybody know about it.

It should also be possible to build Gtk+ versions (use --with-interface=gtk) but I have no idea how Gtk+ works on Mac OS and IMHO we should try getting it to work with Curses first.