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When Jurgen Klopp reflected on the ups and downs of nearly nine years working at Liverpool, he revealed his disappointment with Thibaut Courtois by 'cursing.

With just a few days left until Jurgen Klopp's official farewell to Liverpool, the German coach has achieved every possible prestigious title during his 9-year tenure with The Kop.

Amidst numerous successes and some failures, Jurgen Klopp recently admitted that the UEFA Champions League 2021/22 final was the most disappointing failure during his time at Anfield.

Speaking to Paul Joyce of The Times, he said: "I was in agony like crazy about that failure, it's just not for long."

"That's something I said after the most recent Champions League final we lost [against Real Madrid in 2022] – I decided then, if that doesn't happen, I won't waste my whole life being miserable. I can't do that anymore."

Liverpool lost due to the excellence of Courtois on the side of Real Madrid

"We played football and every 3 minutes we shot at their goal, but their goalkeeper had 12 hands and then they scored from a mistake that we could have defended better. Could they defend better in all the situations where we had better shots? Oh, for sure. But no one talks about it.

"The players were offside 23 times and we couldn't punish them. That has nothing to do with defending, that's 'the fucker' Courtois."

Mohamed Salah tried hard but couldn't beat Courtois even once in the final. [Image: This is Anfield]

"We didn't do anything wrong. We just have to accept the rules of the game: the team that scores will win if you don't score on your own. That's how I understand life – I want to win and so do others. Sometimes you get it and sometimes you don't. I feel at peace with that."

It's worth noting that in the 2021/22 season, despite not being able to achieve the historic quadruple, with only winning the FA Cup and Carabao Cup, while the Premier League and Champions League were very close but "couldn't make it," Liverpool still decided to parade throughout the city, proving the assertion of the German coach to be correct.