3.x Breaking Changes [WIP] - recharts/recharts GitHub Wiki


Library / Runtime Upgrades

  • Support React > 16.8
  • TypeScript upgraded to 5.x
  • Drop support for Node < 18
  • Change TS target to es6
    • Removes es5 polyfills / drops support for browsers that don't support es6-modules
  • Removed recharts-scale dependency - all scale utilities are now maintained within recharts itself

Breaking Code Changes

  • Removal of ref.current.current in ResponsiveContainer
  • Removed the deprecated alwaysShow prop in Reference components
  • Removed isFront prop from reference elements. It has not done anything since pre version 2.
  • Ignore nullish values for domain of error bars #4192 - Y domain will now be calculated correctly when using nullish ErrorBar values
  • Legend order default may have changed (no order is promised) https://github.com/recharts/recharts/commit/7a3aeceda540c9d7b5d9f3c8400982a7d3ec8688
  • XAxis/YAxis axis lines now show even if there are no ticks (previously they did not, previous to 2.5 YAxis did but only due to a bug)
  • Scatter - Fix: Tooltip in a scatter chart correctly adds colors styles to Tooltip by default
  • Area - When connectNulls is true, null datapoints are treated as 0
  • Sankey - types are more strict