Editing Stylesheet Using MyraPad - rds1983/Myra Wiki

Original URL: https://github.com/rds1983/Myra/wiki/Editing-Stylesheet-Using-MyraPad


This tutorial demonstrates how a stylesheet could be edited using the MyraPad.


  1. Download and unpack file: stylesheetEdit.zip.

    It consists from UI in MML(allControls.xmmp) and linked stylesheet(which is copy of Myra default stylesheet).

  2. Open allControls.xmmp in the [[MyraPad]]: [[images/StylesheetEdit1.png]]

  3. Open stylesheet/default_ui_skin.xmms in any text editor.

  4. Now let's make button background - lightcoral.

    Find following line:

      <ButtonStyle Background="button" OverBackground="button-over" PressedBackground="button-down" />

    And replace it with:

      <ButtonStyle Background="#F08080" OverBackground="button-over" PressedBackground="button-down" />

    Save stylesheet/default_ui_skin.xml.

  5. Now, in the MyraPad, click File/Reload or press Ctrl+R.

    Observe - button backgrounds have become lightcoral: [[images/StylesheetEdit2.png]]