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Welcome to our pretty Sprint Summary!

Sprint 1 (02/03 - 17/03)

victor (vrooomer)

During this first sprint I was the Scrum Master and it was quite difficult to make sure that everyone communicates and synchronize the whole team. However it turned pretty well and even if not all of the tasks were done, the final work is pretty encouraging :)

Also, I had to create the welcome screen in WelcomeActivity, it should have taken me 5h but because it was the first time I worked that much with Jetpack Compose (especially testing), it took me 8h. My second task was to implement music, it was easier than I thought but a lot of features aren't there (yet, maybe in next sprints?). I have a bug where the music stops with no reason at random times, I put that in the issues.

To conclude, I'd say that we had some issues with the PR and even if we do them, we never managed to agree on a way of merging them to the main branch. However we now have more experience and it will be an easier task for the next sprint.

~ v:)


I managed to implements features related to location these last two weeks:

  • tracking current location
  • tracking distance to arbitrary checkpoints
  • counting distance walked

As well as a map overlay showing all the above. No main difficulties were encountered, besides running out of time to work my second task, and deciding to produce more code that would implement a feature without thinking about technical debt. This will be fixed by next week.

Hugo (Jharaxus)

I first implemented some backend data-structures to represent core concepts of the App. Then I connected the app with Firebase to register User-related data in the database. To do that, I decided to split the list of user ids and the actual users' information into two separate objects in the DB to improve the access efficiency. However when doing that I had some issue to retrieve the list of existing ids which I will have to fix during the next sprint.

Maxime (Kaz-ookid)

I started the sprint with the easy task of finishing the implementation of the google authentication system to our app. It lays in the google_auth branch, waiting to be used for good :) Then I implemented the ability to join a group given a code, all wrapped in the JoinGroupActivity. This was overall pretty easy and straight-forward, but the feature still relies on some mock functions imitating DB responses, like when checking if a group is existent or not.

I have had some issues figuring out how to effectively test Toasts values, and ended up finding a solution using Compose to replace Toasts. This solution works well but did make me spend way more than 8 hours on this task.

I am not worrying about the fact that I spend a lot more time than expected this sprint, because it had a lot to do with catching-up with Jetpack Compose!


I implemented the player profile. In his profile, the player can:

  • Change his/her nickname
  • Change his/her bio
  • See his/her trophies won
  • See his/her stats

The only difficulty I encountered was to launch the app at the very beginning, I never managed to run the app on the emulator, it just puts me in a timeout every time when everything was working before the sprint.


I implemented a map activity backed by Open Street Maps using osmdroid. I added an overlay for the EPFL campus map on top of it. Both tasks took a bit less time than expected. Overall no major difficulties were encountered this sprint.