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General Troubleshoot

Bug report

:warning: You should first search the issue on the issue tab, whether the same bug had already been reported or not
Its time savier for me and you. If you are not satisfied with the answer given there, Just post/ask on the same report thread
whatever its in closed or open state.

Any Installation related problems

  1. Its mostly like Your system is not updated with the official repo, or not synced with mirrors for days.
    This type of issue already had been reported. see here.

  2. If There are any errors occured while installing (mostly dependencies error), and PipeWire (Old Version) comes preinstalled with your Distro And you are upgrading, You may occured dependencies problem while installing. This is because some packages are splited from others so Their dependencies are also changed/removed/added.

    To successfully install PipeWire in above situation, Let PipeWire install with default installation instruction, and Let the error occured. After that just do a,

    sudo apt-get install --fix-broken

    This will install PipeWire successfully by resolving all dependencies automatically.

Uninstallation Related Problems

If PipeWire was installed by default on your system, There are no way to completely remove it, because other packages may have dependency on PipeWire, You can only downgrade PipeWire to the system default version in that case. If you are forcefully want to remove you may see involvements of Lots of packages ready to be uninstalled.

To downgrade PipeWire along with all packages that were installed/upgraded with PipeWire, use ppa-purge program, To downgrade. There are lots of tutorial available on ppa-purge on the internet, Please search. ppa-purge program is already available on ubuntu official repo. Distros where ppa-purge program not available officially, They can install from this PPA also. The installation process follow the same as pipewire, Please see installation Section.

If there is no sound comming from your headset/speaker

Step 1 : first check your PipeWire server is working

       pactl info | grep "^Server"

Step 2 :-

     a) Then check whether there is any error or warning on running PW services.

       systemctl --user status pipewire{,-pulse}.{socket,service} pipewire-media-session.service

     b) If there is any error or warning, restart whole pipwire Services.

       systemctl --user restart pipewire{,-pulse}.{socket,service} pipewire-media-session.service

     c) If solved stop here.

Step 3 :-

     a) If not solved, check whether there is any error or warning on bluetooth.service

       systemctl status bluetooth.service

     b) If there is any error on bluetooth.service restart it.

       systemctl restart bluetooth.service

     c) If solved stop here.
     d) Otherwise go to step 2

Troubleshooting any broken links

If any weblinks/References through out this wiki has been broken, then search that weblinks/References
on wayback machine

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