Client integration - oprypin/critter Wiki

The chat bot is deployed on several public channels, and works fine, but the way it has to write the messages looks really ugly. But it is possible to conceal that by using client side plugins or modifications.


IRC-to-Gitter bridge bot integration userscript


This prettifies messages of FromIRC by moving the nickname to where it belongs, properly grouping the messages, and even adding randomly generated avatars.

@-completion does not work, but you can click IRC nicknames to insert them into the message field.


Plugin for HexChat

Usage: /addbot FromGitter @ <>


Patch for Quassel core

This replaces messages FromGitter | <nickname> message to @nickname | message and also adds fake nicknames to the buffer so that tab completion can work (note that starting nicks with @ is completely optional).

This modifies only Quassel core (or monolithic), so if you have a separate client (incl. Quasseldroid), it will just work, as long as it connects to a modified core.


Patch for Konversation

This replaces messages <FromGitter> <nickname> message to <@nickname> message. Tab completion does not work.


Plugin for irssi

/trigger add -rawin -regexp '(FromGitter)(.*).<(.*)>.\ (.*)' -replace '$3$2$4'

This replaces messages FromGitter | <nickname> message to nickname | message

long messages are split and second part have FromGitter| message

Tab completion work

It sometimes put message on status window, don't know why


/trigger addreplace relaybot modifier irc_in2_privmsg "${nick} == FromGitter" "/:([^!]+)!(.+):<([^>]+)> / :^${re:3}!${re:2}:/"