Creating Puzzles (under construction) - online-go/ Wiki

The first steps

Click on "Puzzles" in the command line. you will find it between "Chat" and "Joseki".

You come to a page where you see a blue button named "My puzzles".

If you click on it you will arrive on your personal puzzles page. This is the place where it starts the actual puzzle creating process.

If you are new to creating puzzles, you will have to create a collection. Type the name you want to give to your collection and press okay.

Or you can click on a collection you already created in an earlier session. You arrive on a page where you see your puzzles.

You see three settings:

  • Private: if you don't click on this your collection will only be accessible to the players you grant access. Click on Access and give in the names and / or group(s) you want to have access. If you click Private, your collection will be open for all the OGS players.
  • Color transform enabled and Position transform enabled speak for themselves.

If you want to create a new puzzle, click on "New puzzle". You will come to the pages where you actually create your puzzle. That page looks like this.

Setting up a puzzle

This is the page where you see a goban and where you can click on coordinates to enter the set up of your puzzle. First give the puzzle a name (Puzzle 1, etc.). If you don't you are stuck on this page and then you can't proceed to the Moves page, where you enter the solution.

When you want to edit a puzzle you already entered in your collection, you arrive at this page.

Via the following navigation bar you can edit your puzzle.

If you click on the pencil you will arrive on the next page, where you can alter things.

The next steps are:

  • choose what kind of puzzle it is
  • choose the board size
  • choose the level of the puzzle

Entering the solution