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I would love to keep track of stock assessments, reports, and papers that either used or explored using SpatialDeltGLMM or VAST, to help make decisions about investment in maintaining and improving the software. Some documents listed below used code that was branched from SpatialDeltGLMM or VAST and is now independently maintained.

Used in stock assessment

I first list instances where VAST (or its precursors) was used and documented as base case for a stock assessment

  1. Canary rockfish, Pacific FMC, 2015 (link here)
  2. Darkblotched rockfish, Pacific FMC, 2015 (link here)
  3. Dusky rockfish, North Pacific FMC, 2015 (link here)
  4. Lingcod, Pacific FMC, 2017 (link here)
  5. Yellowtail rockfish, Pacific FMC, 2017 (link here)
  6. California Scorpionfish, Pacific FMC, 2017 (link here)
  7. Yelloweye rockfish, Pacific FMC, 2017 (link here)
  8. Pacific Ocean perch, Pacific FMC, 2017 (link here)
  9. Arrowtooth flounder, Pacific FMC, 2017 (link here)
  10. Albacore tuna, Secretariat of the Pacific Commission, 2018 (link here)
  11. The 2017 assessment of Snoek (Thyrsites atun) for the South African linefishery, 2017 (link here, see Fig 2.)
  12. Northern shrimp, New England FMC, 2018 (link here, see Fig. 3.4-3.6)
  13. Northern rockfish, North Pacific FMC, 2018 (link here, see e.g., pg. 20-21)
  14. Lophius budegassa, ICES, 2019 (link here, see e.g., Fig. 3.3.5 on pg. 74)
  15. SW Striped Marlin, Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission, 2019 (link here, see Fig. 6)
  16. Big skate, Pacific FMC, 2019 (link here, see Fig. 9-11 and 13-18)
  17. Longnose skate, Pacific FMC, 2019 (link here, see Fig. 21-25 and 37-40)
  18. Petrale, Pacific FMC, 2019 (link here, see Fig. 8-11, 18-26)
  19. Sablefish, Pacific FMC, 2019 (link here, Fig. 5-6, 12-13, 19-20, 23-24, 27-28, A7)
  20. Widow, Pacific FMC, 2019 (link here, Fig. 11-12, E1)
  21. Pacific cod in Bering Sea, North Pacific FMC, 2019 (link here, see Fig. 2.6-2.7, 2.11)
  22. Soupfin shark Galeorhinus galeus in South Africa, 2019. (link here,see Section 2.1.4, Fig. 4a)
  23. Smoothhound Mustelus mustelus in South Africa, 2019. (link here, see Section 2.1.4, Fig. 4a)
  24. Walleye pollock in Bering Sea, North Pacific FMC, 2019 (link here, see Fig. 17-18, 25-29, 32, 59-66)
  25. Yellowfin tuna in Western and Central Pacific Ocean, 2020. (link here)
  26. Bigeye tuna in Western and Central Pacific Ocean, 2020. (link here)
  27. Pacific cod in Bering Sea, North Pacific FMC, 2020 (link here, see e.g., 2.7-2.8)
  28. Walleye pollock in Bering Sea, North Pacific FMC, 2020 (link here, see e.g. Fig. 34-36)
  29. Dusky rockfish in the Gulf of Alaska, North Pacific FMC, 2020 (link here, see e.g., Fig. 12.4)
  30. Northern rockfish in the Gulf of Alaska, North Pacific FMC, 2020 (link here, see e.g. Fig. 10-4)
  31. Celtic Sea cod, haddock and whiting, ICES, 2020 (link here, see e.g. Fig. 9-10)
  32. Celtic Sea plaice, ICES, 2020 (link here)
  33. Lingcod north, Pacific FMC, 2021
  34. Lingcod south, Pacific FMC, 2021
  35. Dover sole, Pacific FMC, 2021
  36. Spiny dogfish, Pacific FMC, 2021

Explored and documented in assessment report

  1. Walleye pollock in Eastern Bering Sea, North Pacific FMC, 2016 (link here, see Fig. 1.9)
  2. Hake complex in South Africa: Design-based vs. Geostastical GLMM (2 species), 2017 (link here)
  3. Hake complex in South Africa: Impacts on Stratification (2 species), 2017 (link here)
  4. St. Matthews Island Blue King Crab, North Pacific FMC, 2017 (link here, pg. 1172)
  5. 10 groundfish species in South and West Coast of South Africa, 2017 (link here)
  6. Bocaccio, Pacific FMC, 2017 (link here)
  7. Arrowtooth flounder in Gulf of Alaska, North Pacific FMC, 2017 (link here, see Fig. 7.4)
  8. Bigeye tuna in West and Central Pacific Ocean, Secretariat of the Pacific Commission, 2017 (link here)
  9. Yellowfin tuna in Western and Central Pacific Ocean, Secretariat of the Pacific Commission, 2017 (link here)
  10. Walleye pollock in Eastern Bering Sea, North Pacific FMC, 2018 (link here, see Fig. 60)
  11. Cowcod, Pacific FMC, 2019 (link here, see Fig. 18)
  12. Hake complex in South Africa: Estimating changes in survey catchability q for OMP robustness tests. (link here, p.
  13. Pacific cod in Gulf of Alaska, North Pacific FMC, 2019 (link here, see Fig. 1A.8)
  14. Yellowfin sole in the Bering Sea, North Pacific FMC, 2020 (link here, see e.g., 4.25)
  15. Pacific cod in the Gulf of Alaska, North Pacific FMC, 2020 (link here, see e.g. Appendix Fig. 2.1.5a)
  16. Walleye pollock in the Gulf of Alaska, North Pacific FMC, 2020 (link here, see e.g., Appendix Figure 1A.3a)

Used in ecosystem assessment or report

  1. Eastern Bering Sea ecosystem status report for forage fishes, groundfishes, jellyfish, and salmons (4 separate contributions), NPFMC, 2017 (Yasumiishi et al.) (link here)
  2. Gulf of Alaska ecosystem status report for forage fishes, groundfishes, and salmon (3 separate contributions), NPFMC, 2017 (Moss et al.) (link here)
  3. Eastern Bering Sea ecosystem status report for jellyfishes, groundfishes, and copepods (3 separate contributions), NPFMC, 2018 (link here, see Fig. 42/43/66/67; pg. 93/94/98)
  4. Eastern Bering Sea ecosystem status report for forage fish & groundfishes and copepods (2 separate contributions), NPFMC, 2019 (Yasumiishi et al., Eisner et al.) (link here, see Fig. 54/80/81; pg. 89/90/122/123)
  5. Eastern Bering Sea ecosystem status report for copepods (1 contribution), NPFMC, 2020 (Yasumiishi et al.) (link here, see Fig. 60/61; pg. 109/110)

Used in climate assessment or report

  1. NOAA Arctic Report Card, 2019. Comparison of Near-bottom Fish Densities Show Rapid Community and Population Shifts in Bering and Barents Seas (link here, see Fig. 3)
  2. American Meteorological Society, State of the Climate in 2020. Chapter 5, Arctic (link here, see Fig. SB5.1)

Tech memos or white-papers

  1. Strasburger, Moss, Siwicke, Yasumiishi, Pinchuk, Fenske. Eastern Gulf of Alaska Ecosystem Assessment, July through August 2017. 2018. Available at:
  3. Winker, H., Thorson, J.T., Fairweather, T., Leslie, R., Durholtz, D. (2017). Towards improving precision in South African demersal trawl survey indices using geostatistical GLMMs. International Stock Assessment Review Workshop, Cape Town. MARAM/IWS/2018/Hake/BG5. Available here
  4. Tremblay-Boyer, L. and McKechnie, S. (2018). Background analyses for the 2018 stock assessment of South Pacific albacore tuna. WCPFC-SC14-2018/SA-IP-07. Available at:
  5. Tremblay-Boyer, L. and Pilling, G. (2017). Exploratory geostatistical analyses of Pacific-wide operational longline CPUE data for WCPO tuna assessments. WCPFC-SC13-2017/SA-WP-03, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, 9–17 August 2017. Accessible here:
  6. Minte-Vera, C., Xu, H., Maunder, M.N., 2019. Stock status indicators for yellowfin tuna in the eastern Pacific Ocean (No. SAC-10-08). Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission, San Diego, CA. Available at: (i.e., Fig. 5)
  7. Durcharme-Barth, N., Pilling, G. Background analyses for the 2019 stock assessment of SW Pacific striped marlin. Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission, SA-IP-07, 2019. Available at: (i.e., Fig. 21
  8. Kinoshita, J., Aoki, Y., Ducharme-Barth, N. and Kiyofuji, H. 2019. Standardized catch per unit effort (CPUE) of skipjack tuna of the Japanese pole-and-line fisheries in the WCPO from 1972 to 2018. WCPFC-SC15-2019/SA-WP-14. (link here, i.e., Fig. 11)
  9. Hashimoto, M., Tsukahara, Y., Fuji, T., Nakayama, I., Suyama, S., Naya, M., Oshima, K., Kai, M., 2019. Application of spatiotemporal model to fishery-independent survey data for Pacific saury (No. NPFC-2019-SSC PS05-WP17). North Pacific Fishery Commission.
  10. Chang, S-K., Yuan, T-L., Liu, H-I. and Xu, H.. Abundance index of Taiwanese PBF fisheries based on traditional and spatiotemporal delta-generalized linear mixed models ISC Pacific bluefin tuna Working Group, International Scientific Committee for Tuna and Tuna-Like Species in the North Pacific Ocean (ISC). ISC/20/PBFWG-1/03. (link here)
  11. Ducharme-Barth, N., Vincent, M., 2020. Analysis of Pacific-wide operational longline dataset for bigeye and yellowfin tuna catch-per-unit-effort (CPUE). Technical Report WCPFC-SC16-2020/SC16-SA-IP-07
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  13. Vidal, T., Hamer, P., Escalle, L., Pilling, G., 2020. Assessing trends in skipjack tuna abundance from purse seine catch and effort data in the WCPO.
  14. Sawada, K., Okuda, T., 2020. Spatial modeling of bycatch patterns for research fishing operations in Subarea 48.6 using VAST. CCAMLR.
  15. Hsu, J., Chang, Y.-J., 2021. CPUE standardization of blue marlin (Makaira nigricans) for the Taiwanese distant-water tuna longline fishery in the Pacific Ocean during 1971-2019 (No. ISC/20/BILLWG-03/03). Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan.
  16. Manabe, A., Nishijima, S., Yukami, R., 2020. Review and update on fishery-independent and fishery-dependent indices of the chub mackerel of Japan (No. NPFC-2020-TWG CMSA03-WP03). North Pacific Fisheries Commission, Tokyo, Japan.
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  19. Sawada, K., Okuda, T., 2021. Progress on the spatial modeling of bycatch patterns for research fishing operations in Subarea 48.6 using VAST (No. WG-FSA-2021/48). CCAMLR, Hobart, Australia.

Journal articles

Finally, I list instances of peer-reviewed journal articles using VAST (or its precursors: SpatialDeltaGLMM and SpatialDFA)

  1. Adams, C.F., Brooks, E.N., Legault, C.M., Barrett, M.A., Chevrier, D.F., n.d. Quota allocation for stocks that span multiple management zones: analysis with a vector autoregressive spatiotemporal model. Fish. Manag. Ecol. n/a.

  2. Akia, S., Amandé, M., Pascual, P., Gaertner, D., 2021. Seasonal and inter-annual variability in abundance of the main tropical tunas in the EEZ of Côte d’Ivoire (2000-2019). Fish. Res. 243, 106053.

  3. Bell, R.J., McManus, M.C., McNamee, J., Gartland, J., Galuardi, B., McGuire, C., In press. Perspectives from the water: Utilizing fishers observations to inform SNE/MA windowpane science and management. Fish. Res.

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