12. Developer Bounty Programs - numbersprotocol/community-support Wiki

Here at Numbers Protocol, we are firm believers in FLOSS (Free-Libre Open Source Software) and the power of community development. Time and time again, the developer community has demonstrated their creativity and ability to enhance existing projects. In the FLOSS spirit, we invite community to join us in building the products and services that run the Numbers Network.

To further incentivize contributions, we are excited to announce Numbers bounty programs as a way to reward community members who actively contribute to the growth and improvement of Numbers Protocol.

Track #1 (17 Dec 2021) - Finished


As a newly launched project, we call on #NUMARMY to take our their thinking caps to brainstorm ways to improve Numbers Protocol. The three main categories of contributions for this track are:

  1. Issue hunting
  2. Feature proposal
  3. Suggested implementation/fix for the issue or the feature proposal



  1. Open issues or feature proposals on Github/community-support. To ensure no repeating feature proposals, we suggest participants to review the existing open issues to ensure someone else has not already proposed the feature request.
  2. Alternatively, leave suggested implementation or suggested fix in the comment below the issue or feature proposals. Please be encouraging and understanding towards fellow community members :)
  3. Comment and vote using 👍 for:


Reward Type Description Reward per Winner Total Winners
Winner Reward 1000 NUM will be awarded to the participants with the top 5 most votes in the categories of issues, feature proposal, or comments (all categories will be considered together with a total of five winners selected). 200 NUM 5
Top Voted An additional 100 NUM will be awarded to the issue, feature proposal and comment with the most votes (all three categories will be considered separately with a total of three winners selected) 100 NUM 3
Commenter Lottery 5 accounts will also be selected randomly for everyone who votes and comments and a reward of 100 NUM will be shared among the winners. 20 NUM 5


"Hey @AKT4UnMe, I would apologise if my comments came across as a disagreement to your suggestions or as if they are suited only to the marketplace or as if marketplace suggestions cannot be posted here. That's not what I meant. It's also not necessarily the case that the directory system would be too difficult of a task for the team to pursue. It is completely upto the team to choose a solution and go for it, since I am just a passionate community member like you and we are here to provide suggestions as we think are suitable.

What I wanted was that I start that conversation since we had a similar goal in our mind (to organise media files) so that we could talk more about if one is more feasible than the other for now. It could also be the case that both are seen as good options by the team. As I said, I would be happy if both are adopted.

However, I do think it would be better if you could take your time and be specific to any part of this ecosystem (or may be even group together parts for your suggestions) and mention it in your issue Title or the Body whenever you post your suggestions. That helps the team and others get exactly the point you want to be delivering.

@tammyyang, @ethanwu155 and their team have been so lenient and pushing for a community-friendly session in this Phase so no one has to be a programmer to be able to post issues. So you are very welcome to post your suggestions here. We can then discuss about solutions within ourselves and the team and let the team do their part. I think the team would be happier to listen to photographers like you and the issues you have with the products.

By the way, I have been more of a UI/UX enthusiast looking for improvements in the Capture App (hence my submissions about the app) and yet to give a good look at the Capture Club (I have some in my mind, need to narrow it down before I post). So I am really looking forward for your submissions." - 3 votes by KNctrl-alt