Tutorial OAI CN v1.3.0 - my5G/my5G-RANTester Wiki

This documentation is based on the tutorial developed by the OAI team at:

Below is a summary of the steps, described in the tutorial and some observations:

1- First builds the images with the tag v1.3.0, more details can be seen here:
# Clone directly on the latest release tag
$ git clone --branch v1.3.0 https://gitlab.eurecom.fr/oai/cn5g/oai-cn5g-fed.git
$ cd oai-cn5g-fed
# and synchronize git sub modules
$ ./scripts/syncComponents.sh --nrf-branch v1.3.0 --amf-branch v1.3.0 \
                              --smf-branch v1.3.0 --spgwu-tiny-branch v1.1.5 \
                              --udr-branch v1.3.0 --udm-branch v1.3.0 \
                              --ausf-branch v1.3.0 --upf-vpp-branch v1.3.0 \
                              --nssf-branch v1.3.0
2- In this tutorial, we use the following NFs:
- AMF, SMF, NRF, VPP-UPF, UDR, UDM, AUSF. All of them with tag 1.3.0.
3- To execute the OAI-CN in docker, use the docker-compose and command below:
git clone https://github.com/my5G/oai-my5G-RANTester-docker
oai-my5G-RANTester-docker$ cp /config/docker-compose-basic-vpp-nrf.yaml oai-cn5g-fed/docker-compose/
oai-cn5g-fed/docker-compose$ docker-compose -f docker-compose-basic-vpp-nrf.yaml up -d
4- Check if all containers are healthy using the command below. For more details check the cited tutorial of OAI in the top of the page:
docker ps -a
5- Building the my5G-RANTester image:
git clone https://github.com/my5G/oai-my5G-RANTester-docker.git
cd oai-my5G-RANTester-docker
docker build -f nf_tester/Dockerfile --tag my5grantester:latest .
6- Execute the my5G-RANTester with robustness and conformance tests in the same directory of the item 5 (to connect with OAI-CN):
oai-my5G-RANTester-docker$ docker-compose up -d
7- Change the configuration in tester.yaml file to select the given test. For more information about the tests available here