JCRD Notebook Suggestions - moroots/DATAS GitHub Wiki

Suggested tutorials for JCRD Workshop Notebook

Plotting curtains

a. The basics: Which data to use for input as x (time), y (alt), z (backscatter)?

b. Now all your data is purple... How to edit the colorbar

  • Changing vmin & vmax.
  • Which features in the atmosphere are you looking for?
  • What vmin & vmax limits do the best job of accentuating those particular features?

c. Types of colormaps overview: Sequential vs. Diverging vs. Cyclic vs. Qualitative vs. Miscellaneous (maybe discuss colorblind awareness too) https://matplotlib.org/stable/users/explain/colors/colormaps.html

  • Activity: Have students try out one of each colormap type and let them figure out the type that's best for their data

d. How to create a log scale colorbar

e. Comparing plots made with pcolormesh vs contourf

f. How lovely it is when you set your y-limit at a reasonable height

Plotting Time Series

a. Plotting multiple wavelengths over time. How many lines is too many for a nice plot?

b. Angstrom exponent calculations? (Might be too much for the workshop)

c. How to add multiple y-axes