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Endpoint Method Ptah Parameter Query Parameter Description
/api/mrc20/tick/all GET   cursor,size,order,completed[true,false],orderType[asc,desc] All MRC20 tick lists.
/api/mrc20/tick/info GET   id / tick Retrieve tick information based on ID or TickName.
/api/mrc20/tick/address GET   cursor,size,tickId,address,status[0,-1],verify[true,false] Retrieve MRC20 UTXO based on address and tickId.
/api/mrc20/address/balance/{address} GET address cursor,size Retrieve all MRC20 balances based on address.
/api/mrc20/tx/history GET   cursor,size,txId,index Retrieve history based on txPoint.
/api/mrc20/address/shovel/list GET   cursor,size,address,tickId Retrieve address shovel list.
/api/mrc20/shovel/used GET   cursor,size,tickId Retrieve the list of used shovel IDs.