Styleguide - mersaults/uiuc-cs-wiki Wiki


The following are a set of guidelines that all additions/revisions of the guide should adhere to. If these guidelines do not apply to whatever additions/changes you are introducing, you do not need to worry about them.

How to Contribute

Contributing with Github's Visual Interface

NOTE: This method is highly recommended over contributing locally through a CLI! Making wiki commits directly on Github is much easier and faster. If you would like to avoid issues with git, use Github's wiki GUI to make contributions.

Those who are not familiar with version control are especially encouraged to use Github's interface. A guide is provided here for editing the wiki of a repository.

Contributing Locally

As a prerequisite, you should have git installed on whatever device you are contributing from.

  1. Clone this wiki with git clone
    • If you have already cloned this repository, or you plan to make regular contributions, please make sure to do git pull before you make changes to avoid conflicts.
  2. Make your changes to the markdown files in the repository.
  3. Commit your changes with git commit -m "Describe your changes here"
  4. Push your changes to this repository using git push


If there are any issues with the guide that you would like to see fixed, submit an issue to the repository.