2.1 How Does CS Registration Work? - mersaults/uiuc-cs-wiki Wiki

See The Office of the Registrar's website for general resources on how registration works.

2.1.1 - CS Registration:

In order to accommodate the sheer size of the CS department and the popularity of classes it offers, the department places registration restrictions on its classes in order to make sure that all CS majors are able to register for what they need to take. The CS department has an explanation of its registration system here. To boil it down:

NOTE: Staggered registration applies ONLY to CS classes. Your ability to register for classes not under the CS department is determined by your general registration time ticket and the registration restrictions of the class in question.

2.1.2 - Registration for Non-Majors:

The following classes are immediately open to all students regardless of cohort or major:

NOTE: As of Fall 2021, CS majors are given priority registration for CS128, CS173, and CS225.

2.1.3 - Will I Get the CS Class I Want?

The answer to this question depends on your major:


Yes. Everybody in these majors should be able to register for whatever CS classes they want to, schedule conflicts notwithstanding. There are a few exceptions:

PREP/Engineering Undeclared:

Yes. There are sections in CS classes created exclusively for PREP and Engineering Undeclared students. The department is required to specifically carve out spots for these majors in order to make sure that students are getting the classes they need to transfer out.


The answer to this question is dependent on what classes you plan on registering for:

2.1.4 - Registering for Graduate Courses

Graduate CS courses are mostly (if not entirely) restricted to graduate students. That said, undergraduate students are allowed to petition the instructor of the course to receive an override to register if there are enough spots for the class in question and the instructor believes that the student in question has the proper background to succeed in the class.