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Enemy behaviour

Enemies take a short amount of time before they spot you. If they dont fully spot you they will investigate your position instead. If enemies spot you but do not hit you with their shot, they will run to your position to fight you.


Director Script

Trigger voice lines at a suitable moment. Manages enemies to direct them to better correspond to the player with information the enemies don't have (for example make them turn around in certain circumstances etc.



Enemies give a indication when the player is in their view cone, but they don't see the player.

When player is directly seen by the enemy there is a short window where they might still escape with some indicator again.

When enemy spots the player successfully, the camera turns towards the enemy so the player gets a feedback how he got spotted and why he loses.

Seeing the player gets easier when player is standing and harder when player is on ground.

Cone of sound

Player makes "sound" based on animation values like velocity and Jumping. This is actually a radius which gets bigger or smaller. Enemies in this radius will turn to look in the players direction(the source of the sound) and (if possible) then start going towards the nearest way point close to the player.

Making Noise to lure Enemy (optional)

Stealth Attack (extra)

Player has an option for stealth take down of an enemy, when sneaking up unnoticed. But the enemy always survives the attack and shoots the player instead.

Secret Rifle (extra)

Player sees a Rifle behind a metal door. (Says to himself "I need a Key.") Player can find that key to get to the rifle. The player then has a option to shoot at enemies. This can reuse the first person rifle animation from the tutorial. When the player fires the gun clicks, indicating it has no ammo.

Adaptive Difficulty (extra)

If players die and restart a lot, the difficulty can be adjusted a bit. For example the enemies have a longer idle time between patrols.

Fake Difficulty setting (extra)

Player can choose between Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty There is a description about how it affects the Enemies Health, Damage and Awareness. But these are just Placebo and don't have any effect.