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Front-running mitigation

Given the nature of Maple Protocol, sandwich and front-running attacks aren't really problematic and most operations are agnostic in relation to transaction ordering.


Maple loans are strictly a relationship between a borrower and a lender, therefore there's not a lot of room to third party actors come in and exploit different transaction orders. From the moment of funding, all operations are mostly restricted to either of the parties.


Some of the pools in the protocol are permissionless, meaning that anyone can enter at any time, however, it's designed in a way that the order of deposit doesn't affect any individual liquidity provider.

Audit Report

In the audit reports conducted by Trail of Bits, they mention the robustness of Maple in regards to frontrunning. The full audit reports are available here:

Auditor Report link
Trail of Bits - LoanV2 ToB Report - Dec 28, 2021
Trail of Bits - LoanV3 ToB Report - April 12, 2022