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Building hardware tools

LNbits has all sorts of open APIs and tools to program and connect to a lot of different devices for a gazillion of use-cases. Let us know what you did with it! Come to the Makerbits Telegram Group if you are interested in building or if you need help with a project - we got you!

For a few of these projects on a MacOS you will need an UART Bridge Driver to write to the esp (see Ressources). Make sure you are using CP210x version 11.1.0 and not 11.2.0. If you are using MacOS Big Sur or an Mac with M1 chip, you might encounter the issue A fatal error occurred: Failed to write to target RAM (result was 0107), this is related to the chipsest used by TTGO, you can find the correct driver and more info in this

LNbits works based on the LNURL protocol which requests are valid in two forms: either as https:// clearnet link (no self-signed certificates allowed) or as http:// v2/v3 onion link. To offer LNbits services like LNURLp/w QR codes or NFC Cards, that can be used in the wild, you will need to open LNbits to clearnet (https).

NOSTR Signing Device

This very cheap off the shelf nostr signing device is designed to work with Lilygos Tdisplay, but you can easily make it work with any ESP32.

Data is sent to/from the Signing Device over webdev Serial, not the most secure data transmission method, but x1000 better than storing the privatekey on a computer. Clients could support sending to the device directly, but using is Nos2X is far more convenient.

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Archade machine

Build your own lightning powered arcade console games machine using the LNbits bitcoinSwitch with this kit from the LNbits shop or build your own.

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Gerty - your personal bitcoin assistant

Gerty will keep you updated on all things related to the Bitcoin network. Gerty is connected to your own LNbits or the demo LNbits instance and displays what you configured it to show in the Gerty extension. Gerty can run from it’s internal battery or can be powered via a USB-C connection and will update at regular intervals chosen by also you. You can get the kit from the LNbits shop or build your own or build your own.

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ATM - deposit and withdraw in your shop or at your meetup

The ATM has two versions, one for coins only and one for coins + papershitcoins.

Coins only ATM: This is a do-it-yourself project consisting of a mini-computer (Raspberry Pi Zero), a coin acceptor, a display, a 3D printed case, and a Bitcoin Lightning wallet as a funding source. It exchanges fiat coins for valuable Bitcoin Lightning Satoshis.

The user can pick up the Satoshis via QR code (LNURL-withdraw) on a mobile phone wallet. It works with LNbits as well based on BTCPay server, LNTXBOT is not longer an option. You can get the components as individual parts and build the case yourself e.g. from Fulmo who also made a guide on it. The code can be found on the ATM github project page and needs to be run with the extension LNURLdevice->POS.

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Big (FOSSA) ATM : The Fossa needs to be run with the extension LNURLdevice->ATM. Please be aware that the Fossa ATM uses another code base. Black Coffee made a nice enclosure for the Fossa ATM

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POS Terminal - an offline terminal for merchants

The LNpos is a self-sufficient point of sale terminal which allows offline onchain payments and an offline Lightning ATM for withdrawals. Free and open source software, free from intermediaries, with integrated battery, WLAN, DIY. You can get the 3D print as well as the whole kit from the LNbits shop or build it from your own hardware. It allows:

  • LNPoS Online interactive Lightning payments
  • LNURLPoS Offline Lightning Payments. Passive interaction, sharing a secret as evidence
  • OnChain For onchain payments. Generates an address and displays a link for verification
  • LNURLATM Offline Lightning Payouts. Generates LNURLw link to do withdrawals
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Hardware Wallet- build your own, stack harder

The hardwarewallet is a very cheap solution for builders. The projects´ code and installation instructions for the LNbits hardware wallet can be found on github.


Bitcoin Switch - turn things on with bitcoin

Candy dispenser, vending machines (online), grabbing machines, jukeboxes, bandits and all sorts of other things have already been build with LNbits tools. Further info see 👇 Ressources.


Some notes on the beertap: Since the esp32 does support LNURLw so plain NFC links but doesnt support boltcard NFC yet we suggest setting up your beertap on a raspberry pi from Hannes or this code from Satoshi Radio instead, if you would like to support this payment method as well. It not only offers a display but has some libraries ready for extended NFC support. For a smaller and cheaper version pls see the PlebTap version explained in detail in 👇 Ressources

Vending machine (offline)

This code works similar to the LNpos. Note that the setup-video for the vending machine misses the new way of installing it via the new LNURL devices extension. The vending machine project code resides on github.

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A few links where you can buy such


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