Heath Edible Wall - linucks/cryptfarm Wiki


Farm Urban will supply the Heath with an Edible Wall that will be restocked with 8 fresh towers each Friday after Sam's Farm shift (so for delivery at ~14:00?)


Sam's Tasks


Task Time
Collect empty towers from the Heath and bring to Farm 30 minutes
Clean towers with steam cleaner at front of the Farm 30 minutes
Deep clean towers at back of Farm ready for transplanting (sterilise media with steam cleaner, jetwash media and wicking strips) 1 hour


Task Time
Remove 8 ready towers from edible wall farm and transplant new seedlings into 8 new towers 45 minutes
After Farm shift take 8 towers to the Heath N/A
* Restock wall with new towers* Check if any new cups/boxes are required* System check, add peroxide & general maintenance/upkeep* Enter data on remaining lettuce 45 minutes
Take any unused plants for composting N/A
Store empty towers at Heath for collection on Tuesday N/A

This will require that Sam is given an additional 4 hr shift on top of existing farm commitments Travel time and expenses? are not included currently as Sam is already going to the Heath to conduct experiments. Once the experiments are completed, additional travel time and expenses would need to be factored in.