Feature List - le-as-a/ok-dnd Wiki

Campaign - CRUD

Create a campaign
View a campaign
Request to join campaign
Ability to view profiles applied
Approve/deny profiles
Edit your campaign(s)
Delete your campaign(s)

Scheduling - CRUD

Create a schedule for user/campaign
View the schedule created
Edit/update the previously created schedule
Delete the schedule

Questionnaire - CRU

Create a custom questionnaire for your campaign
Fill out user questionnaire
View results
Option to redo, even after completed

Matchmaking - R

View users that match to yours based on % from questionnaire
Filter by certain preferences provided by their user info

Potential Bonus Features

Live Private Chat - CRUD

Able to start a chat between yourself and someone you "matched" with.
Read the messages live as they pop up
Edit a message in case there's a typo
Delete a message when you change your mind