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Building SysBot.Pokemon

Due to the dependencies required to run the Z3 solver logic (used to determine Raid Seeds for the Seed Check bot), any project using the SysBot.Pokemon project must be built with the x64 build option. Do not use AnyCPU.

Before Building

  • Ensure you have .NET 7.0 SDK installed.
  • This need to be the Build App; Runtime is not sufficient.

Building Instructions

  1. Install an IDE. This example uses Visual Studio 2022.

  2. Select Git > Clone Repository and provide the URL
    If you already had a folder at the Path, you can delete it to clone a fresh copy or select a new folder.

  3. In the top menu bar, select "x64." Then select "SysBot.Pokemon.WinForms" as the Startup project. You can choose either "Debug" or "Release".

  4. If there have been new changes since you cloned the repository, you can get them by selecting Git > Pull. This assumes you haven't made any changes.

  5. Open the solution under Solution Explorer. Right-click on the solution and select "Rebuild Solution", or use Build > Rebuild Solution from the top menu.
    image image

  6. The program will build to the location in the "Output" window at the bottom. Navigate to this Winforms folder to find SysBot.exe.

Building as a Single File

Optionally, you can build locally as a single file. This will not allow you to add extra DLLs in the same folder, so ensure you have added PKHeX Core to the NuGet folder and any dependencies in the solution prior to publishing.

  1. Right click on "SysBot.Pokemon.Winforms" in the Solution Explorer and select "Publish."

  2. Click on "Show All Settings" and ensure that your configuration uses an x64 profile (Release or Debug are both fine). Select a target location, and check "Produce Single File". Your settings should look like this.

  3. Save your settings and click "Publish". This should build to the folder you selected.