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[!NOTE] The instructions below walk through steps to connect to the tablet via ssh (to run the installation command).

See also SSH Access ( for more information.

Also see installation instructions in the rM Hacks README.

To install rm-hacks, you have to connect to your reMarkable tablet from a computer. You can use either USB or Wi-Fi to connect, but connect now before proceeding. To connect to Wi-Fi, make sure that you aren't in Flight mode in the Settings, and make sure the Wi-Fi settings shows Connected

image image

Get IP address and rM password

  • From the main settings screen, press the Help > About button image
  • Then press Copyrights and licenses image
  • Then scroll all the way down to find your password and IP address: image
    • If you are connected to both USB and Wi-Fi, you may see 2 IP addresses listed. If so, you can use either one.

Connecting to reMarkable from a Windows computer

  • From the Windows menu, type CMD to open a Command Prompt image
  • Type ssh root@your_ip_address and hit Enter. When prompted, carefully type your rM password, which will not appear as you type it, and then press Enter. If you are successful, your screen should look like this: image
  • Type in the following and hit enter:
sh -c "$(wget -O-)"
  • Your screen should look like this: image
  • If you ever want to use a stylus with a button, reply Y to install 'ddvk/remarkable-stylus'. This is what happens next: image
  • rm-hacks optionally displays a clock, but you need to set the timezone. If you need to change the timezone or set it the first time, you will get a list of all the valid responses: image Find the one closest to you and type it in as you see it in the list and hit Enter. The reMarkable will restart and rm-hacks is installed! image

Connecting to reMarkable from a Mac

(Coming soon)