Change points from original patch 2.160.1 - kitadai31/revanced-patches-android6-7 GitHub Wiki

  • Support YouTube 17.34.36
  • No music patches (please use original RVX. It is available on Android 5.0+)


  • hide-create-button is rollbacked to 2.152.0 one
  • enable-minimized-playback error is fixed (Integrated disable-shorts-pip patch is removed because Android 8.0 or below are don't support PiP.)
  • disable-haptic-feedback patch does not disables zoom haptic
  • Renamed hide-pip-notification to hide-firsttime-background-notification
  • Removed double-back-to-close patch because it does not work on 17.34.36
  • Removed enable-old-layout


  • Restore Restore add-missing-translation-patch from 2.152.1
  • enable-open-links-directly patch now applies to all URLs, not just video descriptions (backport from 2.162.1)
  • Add switch-create-notification patch (backport from 2.164.15)
  • Add enable-new-layout
  • Add hide-shorts-pivot-bar (backport from 2.164.21, Experimental)