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Basic use

Creating a timer

fuwafuwa was created to be a simple timer system that could be as easy to use as alarms. As a result, it can be used with as little code as the following (after initial setup)

Create event

myTimer = timer_create(1000);

Step event

if (timer_check(myTimer)){
    show_debug_message("Wow! The power of science is amazing!");

This will print a message after 1000 milliseconds (1 second) have passed in real-time.

Specifying a unit

You can also specify a unit instead of the default milliseconds, to make things easier. If you set a unit here, all further interaction with the timer will be in that unit.

Create event

myTimer = timer_create(1,time.s);

Other units are available, such as framelocked units (that run in terms of game time rather than real-world time). See the entry for timer_create for more information.


By default, fuwafuwa automatically destroys (garbage collects) timers that were created by instances that no longer exist: this is called autodestroy.

If you'd prefer not to use this feature for a particular timer, simply set the last argument of timer_create to false, and then destroy the timer yourself in the Cleanup or Destroy event of your object.

Create event

myTimer = timer_create(1000,time.ms,false);

Destroy/Cleanup event

myTimer = undefined;