CLI - karafka/karafka Wiki

Karafka has a simple CLI built in. It provides the following commands:

Command Description
help [COMMAND] Describe available commands or one specific command
console Start the Karafka irb console similar to the Rails console (short-cut alias: "c")
info Print configuration details and other options of your application
install Installs all required things for Karafka application in current directory
server Start the Karafka server (short-cut alias: "s")

All the commands are executed the same way:

bundle exec karafka [COMMAND]

If you need more details about each of the CLI commands, you can execute the following command:

bundle exec karafka help [COMMAND]

Karafka server

Starting particular consumer groups per process

Karafka supports having multiple consumer groups within a single application. You can run multiple Karafka instances, specifying consumer groups that should be running per each process using the --consumer_groups server flag as follows:

bundle exec karafka server --consumer_groups group_name1 group_name3

If you specify none, by default, all will run.