Frontend Routes - jstnswn/Project-CoFi Wiki


This page displays a login form with email and password requirement

GET /login
POST /login


This page displays a signup form with username, email, password, and confirm password required

GET /signup
POST /signup


This page displays the homepage.

If user is not logged in, they will see a navigation options for "Home", "Sign Up", and "Log In". Non signed-in users can browse songs on home page but cannot listen to songs with the player.



If a user is logged in this will direct them to the home page where they can browse music and play songs displayed on the page. The navigation bar will contain links to "Home", "Library", "Upload Music", a notification bell, and a default user icon. In the Library users will be able to see songs they've posted (in progress), and will be prompted to name untitled tracks if they have used the bulk post feature which currently does not allow users to name each song. Upload Songs allows users to upload both single song and full albums from their computer, with both options requiring a PNG or JPG image to accompany the music. The notification bell will alert users if they have untitled tracks to attend to. The profile icon deploys a dropdown menu where the user can see their username and email to confirm that they are signed in, and a logout button to log out.