Build Instructions - jomjol/AI-on-the-edge-device Wiki




Build the project yourself

  • Download and install VS Code
  • Install the VS Code platform io plugin
    • Check for error messages, maybe you need to manually add some python libraries
      • e.g. in my Ubuntu a python3-env was missing: sudo apt-get install python3-venv
  • git clone this project
    • in Linux: git clone
  • in VS code, open the AI-on-the-edge-device/code
    • from terminal: cd AI-on-the-edge-device/code && code .
  • open a pio terminal (click on the terminal sign in the bottom menu bar)
  • make sure you are in the code directory
  • To build, type platformio run --environment esp32cam
    • or use the graphical interface:
    • the build artifacts are stored in code/.pio/build/esp32cam/
  • Connect the device and type pio device monitor. There you will see your device and can copy the name to the next instruction
  • Add upload_port = you_device_port to the platformio.ini file
  • make sure an sd card with the contents of the sd_card folder is inserted and you have changed the wifi details
  • pio run --target erase to erase the flash
  • pio run --target upload this will upload the bootloader.bin, partitions.bin,firmware.bin from the code/.pio/build/esp32cam/ folder.
  • pio device monitor to observe the logs via uart