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📘 HTML/CSS/Javascript - Assignment 2


You are to complete this task on your own (i.e. no group submissions, or no plagiarizing from each other (or internet), etc.)

See for your assignment details.

Due Dates and Submission Details

You will be submitting this project through by the due date.

Please see the due dates page for more details on when this is due and how to submit your work.

Learning Goals and Success Criteria

The Overarching Learning Goals for this include Programming Concepts. The specific Learning Goal(s) for this include:

  • We are learning to work with different data structures in simple computer programs. 📘
  • We are learning to test and create simple modular programs. 📘📘
  • We are learning to format, analyze, and document computer programs to ensure accuracy and clarity. 📘📘📘
Learning Goal Success Criteria Learning and Improvement Comments
📘 I can describe the structure and concepts related to one-dimensional arrays.
📘 I can write programs that declare, initialize, modify, and access one-dimensional arrays.
📘📘 I can apply the principle of modularity to design reusable code (multiple use of functions).
📘📘 I can design algorithms to detect, intercept, and handle exceptions.
📘📘📘 I can use workplace and professional conventions correctly to write programs and internal documentation (naming, indenting, commenting, function documentation).
📘📘📘 I can interpret error messages displayed by programming tools during software creation.
📘📘📘 I can design user-friendly software interfaces (HTML/CSS).
📘📘📘 I can work independently, using support documentation, to write functioning computer programs.
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