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Marcio's API


Basic functions

Marcio the researcher here at the HvA asked us to write the frontend for his model. He made his own API with a socket connection for us to work with. The API has some basic functions, it starts off with creating a session by writing a POST request, then it is possible to make a GET request to see the data of the session. To increase the steps, you once again make a POST request increasing the steps and a GET request to receive the data. If you want to reset the current session, you make a PUT request.

const fetchDataFromAPI = async (method, url) => {
  if (method === 'PUT' || method === 'POST') {
    fetch(url, {
      method: `${method}`
  } else {
    const response = await fetch(url, {
      method: `${method}`,
      mode: 'cors'
    const data = response.json()
    return data

Because of some errors, we need to specify the mode to CORS for a GET request. Which isn't necessary for the POST and PUT requests.

Next phase

In the final week, Marcio updated his API, which can take parameters when creating a simulation. So when creating a session, you send the parameters with it, in an object form.

Below is an example of an example session creation

  "name": "session_1",
  "number_of_agents": "102",
  "num_friends": "20",
  "num_steps_per_day": "1",
  "num_items_per_day": "20",
  "max_num_item_links": "20",
  "num_exposed_items_person_day": "20",
  "latitude_acceptance": "0.3",
  "sharpness": "13",
  "probability_post_social_net": "0.3",
  "user_behaviour": "RS_Social_Network",
  "rs_alg": "2",
  "rs_challenge": "False",
  "network": "predefined"