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Welcome To EconomyBot API Documentation 🙃

Well yes, there is an API for this. You can choose to disable it or just leave it enable ! If you choose to disable it, go to index.js and delete this code require('./api/server.js')(Discord, client, Levels) then leave all those variables for API empty. Further more, you only need discord-xp and discord.js if you choose not to enable it in future.

Getting Started, API

So first, let's fill up those variables !

- Discord Webhook URL

Send An Announcement Or Notification Using Discord Webhook


To Prevent SPAM/Fake POST Request. To Ensure That POST Request Was Made By Yourself.

- Dashboard URL Or Host URL

Another Security Concern, "CORS". To Ensure A POST/GET Request Was Made From Certain Domain ( for example : your bot's dashboard or leaderboard page ). Use * To Disable It

# Discord Webhook URL

# Authorization 

# Dashboard URL or Host URL