libc eve extensions - jfalcou/eve Wiki

We have a bit of a problem, using eve requires C++20 and march which is tricky for a lot of users.

A solution to this problem would be to use dynamic linking and a c library interface:

Unfortunately, this is obviously easier said than done.

So I suggest: we create an example project that contains a bunch of sample eve algorithms that we build for all supported platforms. We'd also compile it for asan, tsan enabled. We also implement the selection bit that decides which one should be loaded.

We can call it libc-eve-extensions or smth.

It will contain something a long the lines of:

uint32_t const* find_u32(uint32_t const* f, uint32_t const* l, uint32_t x);
uint64_t const* find_u64(uint64_t const* f, uint64_t const* l, uint64_t x);
uint32_t* remove(uint32_t* f, uint32_t* l, uint32_t x);
void sort_i32(int32_t* f, int32_t* l);
void sort_u32(uint32_t* f, uint32_t* l);
void sort_decending_i32(int32_t* f, int32_t* l);
void sort_decending_u32(uint32_t* f, uint32_t* l);

It achieves 2 things: