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Recipes are made in the Workshop. Recipes are unlocked by selling lots of items at the shop. The requirements to unlock a recipe are related to the ingredients needed to make it, so just keep selling everything! Once unlocked, recipes can be infinitely created in the Workshop as long as the player has the necessary ingredients. Recipes generally sell for more than the raw ingredients would sell for alone. Recipe prices do not fluctuate.

The table below may contain spoilers!

Recipe Name Value Ingredients Requirements
Bread Wheat x15 Sell 30 Wheat
Burger Bread x1, Cheese x1, Onion x1, Soybean x12, Spinach x1, Tomato x1 Sell 5 Bread, 5 Cheese, 5 Onion, 25 Soybean, 5 Spinach, and 5 Tomato
Butter $750 Grade A Milk x5 Sell 30 Grade A Milk
Cheese $1,200 Grade A Milk x8 Sell 20 Grade A Milk
Carrot Soup $125 Carrot x4 Sell 10 Carrot
Chocolate $1,000 Chocolate Milk x10 Sell 25 Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Soy Milk $2,688 Soy Milk x1, Chocolate x1 Sell 5 Soy Milk and 5 Chocolate
Jack-o'-lantern Pumpkin x1 Sell 50 Pumpkin
French Onion Soup Onion x5, Cheese x2 Sell 15 Onion, and 10 Cheese
Hot Sauce Jalapeño x10
Popcorn $1,113 Corn x2, Butter x1
Rainbow Cheese Grade A Rainbow Milk x10 Sell 30 Grade A Rainbow Milk
Salsa Jalapeño x1, Onion x1, Tomato x1, Corn x1
Soy Milk $1,150 Soybean x20 Sell 100 Soybean
Spaghetti Wheat x10, Tomato x2 Sell 20 Wheat, and 5 Tomato
Spicy Cheese Grade A Milk x10, Jalapeño x4
Summer Salad Spinach x6, Corn x1, Carrot x1 Sell 30 Spinach, 5 Corn, and 5 Carrot
Tofu $5,5750 Soy Milk x4 Sell 20 Soy Milk

New recipes are added to the game regularly, if one is added and you have already met the requirements to unlock it, simply go to the shop and sell any one item to trigger the unlock.